For halloween this year we had a cowgirl, a blue flasher butterfly and a queen bee! So much fun to put together little girlie costumes, we all enjoyed choosing the costumes and picking out the colors. The first thing we did was trick or treat at grandpa and grammies house, and then it was on to the outlets. The evening was finished by visiting the church's carnival. I was super wiped out by the days end- I think next year we will pare it down a bit!

Liviya Pearl

here are some shots of Liviya at 1 month, 2 months and 3 months old. I just love her...

Starting Again...

Over the past year I have been remiss- our family blog is severely lacking. I am sorry to not have chronicled our family's wanderings for 2011 and hope to begin again soon! The year has been so tremendous; a lot of change,a lot of learning, a lot of growth, a lot of healing for us. But with all of these things comes the blessed assurance of our Lord's hand in our life; His faithful presence and providence.

Isaac began a business- DonVintage- started from the ground up and sold his favorite truck to get started. I am so proud of his determination- teaching himself the business and skills necessary to not only get the job done, but to do it excellently. He continues to improve as he moves forward. In addition to growing a business and all that entails, he got a part time job at the outlets to provide some steady income for the family. Even through all of this the family has been his priority- we know we are so loved! And speaking of our family, we added one to our number by welcoming little Liviya Pearl to the world in September. How can I truly say just how much I love my husband and our little family? (yes, a cheesy rhetorical question.)

Of course we are not "an island." One of the many ways God has blessed us is through family and friends. We are so incredibly grateful for those who have been on their knees for us, praying for this time of transition, for peace and guidance as we withdrew to a quiet season in our life. We began this year with such wounded souls, desperate for the healing that can only come from His Word; spoken sometimes through family, sometimes in reading, sometimes from old friends that we love as our own, and sometimes in new friendships that were unexpected but such a gift. I only hope that with all of this "refilling" of our cups, we can spill over and give God the glory by blessing others, and still we wait to see how God wants to use us in the future. Yes, Lord, get me ready!!

I am excited about the coming year. So many opportunities just waiting to be discovered. So many moments with precious family, so many lost that need to be found. And yet we don't know the number of our days. Let's make the most of every opportunity, starting always with prayer and a deep gratefulness for the work of the cross.

Summer fun... finally!!


I know I am a little late with these pictures, but here they are=)
These pics were taken at the end of service, needless to say they had sat still long enough! The girls were thrilled to wear the beautiful dresses that Great Grandma Freeman gave them- thanks so much for thinking of us!!

We also had a great day with perfect weather (a little teaser, little did I know it would go back to cold rain for a few more months) to have an Easter egg hunt with the kids at Grandpa and Grammie's house. We spend the afternoon dyeing eggs, hiding them, hunting for them, riding the tandem bike and then eventually finding a stinky dyed egg in Paisley's pocket!

I am especially thankful that there is even a reason to celebrate Easter... and so grateful for family to share it with.

Tulip Festival time

A while back I went with the girls down to Woodburn to meet with mom and Elaine. We had a great time- celebrating mom's birthday and getting all of the kids together. The tulip festival was happening and we thought it might be fun!

Getting a group photo at the end of the trip proved to be challenging... but classic.
Jared was hamming it up- we asked all the kids to cry so that the youngest wouldn't be the only ones!

I love this picture- Justin is totally layin' a kiss on Grace!

Jud and Paisley didn't think sitting in a big wooden shoe was all that fun... So don't try this at home.

I Heart the Zoo

A little while back I met my sister at the Oregon Zoo with all of the children in tow (sans one- Jared was in Sacramento, lucky duck!) I had a blast, and I think the kids did too. We had great weather and all of the animals were out enjoying it as well.

Sea otters... they were so playful kicking off of the glass and doing flips right in front of us.

Bathroom break (again,) each bathroom break took a while! 7 kids under the age of 8 =)

I thought this was funny. They look so relaxed... maybe they would like to push my stroller up the hills?

These guys did great! Jud was so animated for some of the animals. I thought Paisley would go crazy like she does over babies but she was pretty quiet the whole day.

And now we are beginning to feel the long day... Gracie has tired eyes and she fell asleep in the car almost instantly on the way home.

We ended our day at the zoo by having to walk up the looongest hill!

We saw the walruses up above sunbathing; why did I walk down below only to walk back up yet another hill? It was totally worth it, the littles had a final burst of energy here. I love to see them enjoying each other.
We all had a great day. I am so glad that we decided to go. When I checked the forecast monday night it said rain and showers- 90% chance of precipitation all day! The girls and I prayed that night for good weather, and then we found out so did Jesse! So thankful for the Lord's answer! And thanks for meeting us there Kuykendalls- We love you!

Look Who's On Her Feet!

Paisley took her first few steps at 15 months. She still prefers to scoot around, but slowly and surely she is walking more and more.

I love those wobbley first steps.


The girls have a "barbie hair book." Not to excited about it being Barbie, but it is mostly just girlie hair styles. One morning they came to me and had each picked a style out that they wanted... here are pictures of our attempts! And I am happy to report that they were both thrilled with the results (even if they weren't exactly right!)

Paisley Mae

It's been a while since I posted some pictures of our little one. She is not quite as little any more, and soon to be a big sister. Here she is loving life...

Her smile is finally about to change! After 15 months of life her top two front teeth have finally cut through the gums- way to go Paise!

Our Day at the Beach

Not long ago we decided to take a family day-trip to the coast. Here are a few pic's of us exploring the new town of SeaBrooke, and what a great little place it is! It's full of beautiful construction, so much attention to detail (I loved the outdoor lighting) and had great paths and trails to enjoy. We had a great day.